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BLACKHAWK!® S.T.R.I.K.E.™ Cyclone™ Hydration Pack

This BLACKHAWK! Hydration pack is versatile and rugged. It has rapidly become a customer favorite! NTOA reviewed and approved!

•  Drink system protected by Microban®
    antimicrobial technology
•  Market proven bite valve and patent pending
    quick disconnect system
•  Twin compartments for extra storage
•  Large compartment has internal pouch for radio packs
    and 3 antenna ports with flaps
•  Over 100 external S.T.R.I.K.E.™ webbing attachment points
•  Anodized D-rings and quick cinch buckles for compatibility
    with 3-Day accessory pouches
•  Reinforced Waist Belt with additional attachment points
•  Contoured, padded shoulder straps and sternum strap for
    extra comfort
•  Rubber drag handle
•  Metal grommet at bottom of pack for drainage
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BlackSummit 100oz Hydration/Hunting Pack

The BlackSummit™ gives you everything you could ever want out in the field: versatility, cargo space, silent materials, and 100 oz. of your favorite liquid. You name it, you’ve got it. This pack comes standard with large, easy-to-open compartments, extra pockets, an expandable mid-section and over 100 external S.T.R.I.K.E.® webbing attachment points. We added a SpaceNet molded back panel for improved ventilation and comfort and a reinforced waist belt to help you shoulder the load.

• Padded shoulder straps are made with non-slip HawkTex™ to
   help keep your rifle sling in place
• Bungee retention system allows for the storing of extra
   layers of clothes
• Poly-frame sheet with aluminum reinforcement
• Robust waist belt evenly distributes weight and is removable
• Emergency whistle attached to front harness strap
• External shooting sticks/tripod storage on both sides of pack
• Drink system protected by Microban® antimicrobial
• 360-degree bite valve and patent pending quick disconnect
• BlackHawk bite valve holster keeps bite valve clean and out
   of the way
• Compatible with BlackHawk® in-line water filtration system

Hydration Capacity: 100 oz./ 3 liters
Pack Dimensions:  19.5H x 10.5W x 6”D 
Pack Total Cubes:  1,987” w/stuff pocket


159,00 *
Thors Hammer Tool Pack (pack only)

This backpack is designed to securely carry the Thor's Hammer during tactical operations.  The extended pouch design wraps around the operator's body for a form fit.  MOLLE webbing system allows for versatile accessory attachment.  Constructed of 1000 denier Nytaneon nylon.
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U.K. M.O.E. Kit


The tactical entry tool kit of choice for most reinforced breaching operations, the U.K. M.O.E. kit features the following:

DE-SBM Super BoltMaster
DE-UKHT U.K. Hallagan Tool
990662BK U.K. M.O.E. Tool Pack

WT:  45 LBS

SPECIAL NOTE:  This Blackhawk product is restricted to Military, Law Enforcement and Security Personnel ONLY.

 · Military / DOD
   Must have copy of Military  / Govt. ID and current 

   · Law Enforcement / Agency / State Govt.
     Must have copy of Law Enforcement or Agency
     ID, or certificate with current Department

 · Independent Security Contractor: 
   Must have copy of Drivers License, Security
   Certificate and letter on company letterhead
   approving this purchase

 · Civilians:
   No Sale, no exceptions


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BlackHawk Cutaway Ballistic Vest w/Level III A Soft Armor

BLACKHAWK S.T.R.I.K.E. Cutaway Tactical Armor Vest (PATENT PENDING) 

•  Lightweight: only 3.5 lbs; lightest cutaway available
•  REMOVABLE Level IIIA Soft Ballistic Armor with overlapping
   side coverage
•  Tested to NIJ 0101.04 and 05 Standards
•  Tested to mil std 662F for fragmentation rounds
•  Unique High Performance Ballistic Package Utilizing a
   Twaron Woven Aramid, Goldflex Laminated Aramid
   and BTP (Blunt Trauma Protection) for Tactical High
   Threat Enviroments
•  Revolutionary BTP Designed to Reduce Blunt Trauma
•  Waterproof Sonic Welded Covers Protects Ballistic Panels,
   Prevents Moisture and Perspiration
•  Holds 6"x8" side plates and up to 11"x14" front/back plates
•  Ambidextrous for high performance
•  Fast and easy to put on and take off using side release
•  Secure release strap has a round handle that is secured
   inside a protective band of nylon on the front panel shoulder
•  Two-stage release so operator can choose partial cutaway
   of side panels only
•  Cutaway function can be easily disabled if desired
•  Simple construction that is very easy to reassemble
•  Adjustable waist and shoulder system for girth and
   torso length for tailored fit
•  Full outer vest area usage for any S.T.R.I.K.E./MOLLE
   pouch configurations
•  Lined with cool and comfortable soft 3-d mesh to move air
   around your body
•  Armor - holds soft level IIIA as well as Level IV ballistic
   armor plates (up to 11x14) in internal adjustable pockets
•  Accessories: accommodates level 3 collar, groin, and
   shoulder yokes
•  Heavy Duty Drag Handle
•  5 year warranty on ballistic package
1.420,00 *
 BlackHawk Ballistic Drop Leg w/Level IIIA Soft Armor
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BlackHawk Ballistic MICH Helmet

Based on the original Special Ops MICH, this design epitomizes our BlackHawk motto: LIGHTER, STRONGER, FASTER, BETTER. This helmet maintains a large coverage area while providing extreme comfort. This helmet is designed for Military and Police special tactical units where compatibility with all NV and communication systems is of critical importance.


Construction: Plain weave aramid in a high tensile elongation resin
Coating: Epoxy and polyurethane shell coatings
Weight: 2.7 lbs

32BH01BK-SM-GSA (Small)
Head Size:        50cm - 56cm
Circ.:                19in - 22in
Dia.:                 5.5in - 6.5in

32BH01BK-MD-GSA (Medium)
Head Size:        54cm - 59cm
Circ.:                21in - 23in
Dia.:                 6.5in - 7.5in

32BH01BK-LG-GSA (Large)
Head Size:        57cm - 64cm
Circ.:                22in - 25in
Dia.:                 7in - 8in

32BH01BK-XL-GSA (X-Large)
Head Size:        61cm - 66cm
Circ.:                24in - 26in
Dia.:                 7.5in - 8.5in 
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CQC 3-Slot Leather Pancake Holster

The choice of armed professionals the world over, this proven design is adaptable, comfortable and contours to your body for excellent concealment. The 3-slot design allows strong-side hip carry, as well as appendix carry and cross-draw options.

•  Reinforced thumb break for durability and ease of draw
•  Covered trigger guard for safety and security, yet cut for a
    full grip at time of draw
•  Contoured molding and double-stitching for a perfect fit
55,00 *
CQC Check-Six Holster

When employing a long gun as primary weapon, this holster’s position is perfect for your handgun, as it won’t interfere with operation of the long gun. Placed just behind the hip, this holster gives you options, comfort and speed.

•  Designed to hold handgun close to the natural contour of
    the waist
•  Places weapon out of the way of long gun
•  Flat holster back keeps sharp edges away from body
50,00 *

Night-Ops Gladius Illumination Tool, Anti-roll body

THE GLADIUS is quite possibly the most innovative handheld tactical illumination tool to arrive on the scene. This is a 6 volt, lithium battery powered, high-output LED, highly water resistant, aluminum bodied, illumination tool designed primarily for handheld use, but robust enough for weapon mounted applications. The Gladius™ is designed from the ground up to be immersed into the realities of close quarter conflict and should significantly enhance the capabilities of those operating in low light environments.

The body design allows for a variety of handgun flashlight technical applications. It features an excellent center of gravity and the end user will appreciate the well-placed anti-roll/retention flares. This light will not slip in your hand during stressful situations; it just feels right. At the heart of this fighting tool is a robust electronics package that can only be described as REVOLUTIONARY.

The light features a patent pending multifunction tailcap that allows the operator to quickly select various modes including: Momentary Switching, Constant ON, Strobe Mode, Dimming, and Lock-Out all with intuitive, user friendly, one-finger operation. The switching is separated into two components. A familiar thumb activated push-button tailcap and our new proprietary patented rotary dial, also thumb activated. The Night-Ops™ Gladius™ will provide our modern warriors
with a readily Available, high-end illumination option to tip the scale of conflict in their favor.

Size / Weight Specifications:
Bezel Diameter: 1.25"
Tailcap Diameter: 1.25"
Body Diameter: 1"
Length (Bezel to Tailcap): 6.23"
Weight (w/o Batteries): 6.63oz


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Light Stick 6" or 12" (8 - 12 Hour)

BlackHawk lightsticks are the perfect choice for dependable, emergency lighting and they can be used almost anytime and anywhere. 

ARE THEY SAFE?  Non-flammable, Non-explosive, No heat generation, No Sparks.

ARE THEY TOXIC?  The contents are not toxic, and will not cause injury to eyes or skin; nor are the contents corrosive.

ARE THEY AFFECTED BY TEMPERATURE?  The light emission times stated on the label assume a temperature of
between 20°C and 300°C. Higher temperatures cause the lightstick to generate a higher level of illumination with shorter duration. Lower temperatures give lower illumination and longer duration.


Available in four colors & Infra Red. Infra Red versions are restricted to approved clients. Infra Red is subject to DTI licence approval. BlackHawk light sticks are used world-wide by military, law enforcement, search & rescue teams, and well equipped individuals. The 6" and 12" light stick is the only US Military approved light stick with a special locking hook.  Emergency personnel and troops alike prefer these light sticks for its versatility in the field, using this special locking hook. Rated as an INDUSTRIAL GRADE light stick, these light sticks are ideal for long-term storage (up to 4-year shelf life) and use in all weather conditions (100% waterproof and it floats!) AmeriGlo light sticks are brighter, more versatile, and have longer illumination than common novelty-grade glow stick. Colors available are red, blue, green, yellow, orange, white and even Infra Red (IR) for special operations applications.

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